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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Christo was so unbelieveably helpful and informative. My boyfriend and I stayed 3 nights in Samara and though we did not do any guided tours or attractions there, the information center was so helpful. We used the center to help book our bus ride to Montezuma. Without them it would have been a disaster! Everywhere else in town wanted to charge us $100 a person to get from Samara Beach to Montezuma, and that was way out of our budget. Christo was so helpful though, he kept his eyes and ears out for us and hooked us up with 6 others travelers to Montezuma. This cut our cost in 6ths, and was so appreciated. They are both so knowledgeable about the area, and Costa Rica in general. I would have loved to book an activity or tour through them as I am sure it would have been a wonderful experience. Overall they go out of their way to help travelers with whatever needs/questions they may have. They even called hotels in San Jose for us to book our last night before out departure! And they have a whiteboard out front where you can post for rideshares/rooms shares etc. Thanks a bunch you guys, Pura Vida!