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Was staying outside of Samara at a cute but rustic place, while walking around the town of Samara we found the cute couple and their dog at a table near the end of town. After chatting with them about what we had done for fun(surfing,zip lining, the cab fare from the airport) we mentioned that we wanted a really nice to stay i the last night of our trip. We browsed the book of hotels Brenda had on the table and picked 3 to go look at. We jumped in Chris’s car and he showed each one we liked plus a whole house that a friend of his had. After not falling in love with any of them, Chris thought of one more the Samara Palm Lodge (it was perfect). We checked in the next night and had a great night’s sleep and had a great continental breakfast in the morning and the airport shuttle (which was cheaper but took longer then a cab). If you need anything in Samara definitely look up the SAMARA INFO CENTER! Pura Vida!