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I came across the Samara and Carillo info centre by chance when I was struggling to plan a two week trip around Costa Rica after volunteering at a turtle reserve at Pacuare for the first two weeks of my trip. I wanted to travel around Costa Rica on my own however I had never planned anything like this before and was looking at the advice from other travellers and just getting more and more confused and indecisive – what if I went all the way to Costa Rica (from Scotland) and missed the best thing ever by going to the wrong place – or just wrong for me and my interests!! After Posting my dilemma on Trip Advisor, Brenda from the Samara info Centre contacted me to suggest she could help with an intinerary. I was initially reluctant as I thought it would cost me (I’m mean! ) and I may end up with a list of things and places that weren’t really tailored to me and I was also a bit vague (and still indecisive!) – but Brenda and the Info Centre were absolutely fantastic – they asked all the right questions to find out what exactly I would want to do and the kind of accommodation that I wanted – and came up with fantastic suggestions. I felt in total control but with guidance from what seemed like, by the time I got to Costa Rica – from a good friend. In the planning none of my (sometimes daft) questions were too much trouble and I usually got a reply within hours – even though it would have been the evening in Costa Rica. By the time of my visit it was all organised and they were still at hand to sort out any glitches and put my mind at ease. I went to Monteverde, Arenal and Samara and each place was perfect for me in their own way. I had an amazing mixture of adventure (zip lining including the superman pose!) and incredible wildlife tours and also tips from them on places I could get to without paying pricey tour fees. I popped in to see Brenda and Chris, her lovely husband, when I went to Samara and again they arranged a different trip when the one I was meant to go was cancelled. Nothing was left to chance and their immense help made me feel that there was someone I could turn to if anything at all went wrong in Costa Rica – which was doubly important for me as a lone – and very inexperienced woman traveller. I will be returning next year and will definitely be contacting the Samara and Carillo info centre to help organise my trip.