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Rincon de la Vieja – Mountain Bike Tours

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Mountain bike in Costa Rica at the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Reserve. It is home to Costa Rica’s most active volcano, 300 species of birds, waterfalls, hot springs, and much more.

You have your choice of four fun-filled and thrilling mountain bike tours. The first three are for beginners, intermediate or advanced trails that are 1 1/2 – 4-hour single tracks. The three routes are designed to suit your skill level. The fourth is a 9-hour Ironman tour. This tour includes five activities.

Must be 14 years old or over to Mountain bike any route.


1 1/2 – 4-hour Single Track routes.

This is the ideal mountain bike tour for beginners, intermediate and advanced. There are three trails to suit your skill and safety level. There is a mix of open sun and jungle shade.



The beginner track is 12 ½ kilometers (7.7 miles), 5 ½ kilometers ascent (3.5 miles), 7 km descent (4.5 miles), with a duration of around 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours.



Intermediate track is 16 kilometers (10 miles), 5 ½ kilometers ascent (3.5 miles), 10 ½ kilometers descent (6.5 miles) with undulations, with a duration of around 2-3 hours.



Advanced track is 30 kilometers (18.5 miles), 5 ½ kilometers ascent (3.5 miles), 7 km descent with undulations (3.5 miles), 17 ½ kilometers (11 miles) forest undulations, waterfall, and swimming hole, with a duration of around 3-4 hours.


9-hour “Ironman” with five activities

You will start your tour with a horse ride to the Rincon de la Vieja volcano through jungle forest to the mountain bike starting point, here you can take a little rest and swim in the pool of a nearby waterfall. When you are ready, jump on your mountain bike and head downhill for 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) of single track through more jungle, river crossings, cow trails, and open areas offering amazing panoramic and volcano views. Once you reach the bottom there is a canyon with a cool and refreshing river where you will enjoy the thrill of white-water tubing. At the end of the tubing you will be treated to a delicious meal, but this is not the end of your adventure. After you eat you are off on to the ziplines tour in a canyon that includes Tarzan swings, a hanging bridge, rappel, and a rock climb.

This route includes crossing the most active volcano in Costa Rica, undulations, uphill, downhill, open sun, and jungle shade, and a few surprises along the way. What an amazing and exciting adventure to have in Costa Rica.



Beginner $85

Intermediate $98

Advanced $110

Ironman $170

Must be 14 years old or over to Mountain bike any route.



If needed, transportation is available from your lodging at an extra cost. Let us know where you are staying.

Wear proper clothing and shoes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and bring your waterproof camera, bathing suit, towel and a change of clothing and rain gear if needed.

Booking in advance is highly recommended

100% refund if canceled at least 48 hours in advance

*** Please help support us, we would be very happy to make these reservations for you, we never upcharge or add extra fees. Our services are always free ***


Beginner $85 Intermediate $98 Advanced $110 Ironman $170ALL TOURS ARE AVAILABLE AS PRIVATE FAMILY AND GROUP TOURS ASK US FOR PRICES.


  • Modern Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
  • Singletracks
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Volcano
  • Mountains
  • Flatlands
  • River Crossings
  • Ironman route includes Zipline, Hangbridge, Rappel, Rock Climb, White Water Tubing, Horse Ride