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Dominical Overnight Guided Waterfall Hike

  • Departure is 8:30 am and return is 11 am the next day.
  • I can stay more days, ask us about it.
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This is an utterly unique experience. Hike up a mountainside, visit an organic garden, then onward to trails that will lead you to 6 waterfalls, the tallest being over 182 meters (600 feet).  Afterward, enjoy a fanatic cooked meal cooked with some ingredients picked from the organic garden you just visited.  Cozy up in the sleeping bad behind a waterfall. Amazing from start to finish!

Professional guides will take you on a semi moderate (7 out of 10) trail hike that is 3-kilometer (1.8 miles) long with a rise in elevation of 800 meters (2,600 feet). Along the hike, you will be encounter amazing viewpoints.  Your guide will pick seasonal fruits along the way and tell you about the flora-fauna and history of the area while answering all your questions. There are many great photo opportunities.

Since your guides are also your cooks, stopping along the way getting ingredients at their private organic gardens where there is everything from cocoa trees to orchids to potato to herbs and everything in between.  Many may be strange and exotic to you, but we encourage you to explore them!

A short hike from the organic farm is the waterfall you will call home for the night and sleep behind but to get to it you need to walk through it. Once on the other side, you are protected and kept dry by a large overhang that can hold groups of thirty people. Inside this grotto, there is a full kitchen and eating area, bathrooms and showers, sleeping areas, and plenty are areas to relax and enjoy the waterfall in front of you from the cliff face above, watch the sunset in the distance and have a big bonfire.

Once there you are free to roam as the property is private with trails that always return to where you will be eating and sleeping. Do not leave the pathways as you may get lost. There is a total of 6 waterfalls to visit. You are sleeping behind number 4. The last waterfall, number 6, is over 182 meters (600 feet) tall, standing at the top looking down and then off into the distance over a valley you have ocean views with a spectacular sunset.  You can hike higher to waterfall number 1 and follow the water to the spring that comes out of the ground that starts this amazing river/waterfall system. Enjoy the viewpoints and natural swimming pools along the way.

Are you up for an adventure within this adventure? Ask about doing a waterfall rappel off the waterfall where you will be sleeping behind! So much fun and another great photo opportunity.

The caves do not have electricity, so lighting is by solar-powered lanterns or candles adding to the overall experience.

After a fantastic healthy home-cooked meal, you can relax, read, play games and chat around the bonfire.

For a comfortable night's sleep, you will be given foam pads and sleeping bags. The base of the beds is made from the flat stones that come from the caves. This keeps you off the group and is wonderfully comfortable.

In the morning, after a delicious breakfast, you will hike back down to the base camp.

This is a Must-Do, Once-in-a-lifetime type of experience.

Space is limited so book early.

All guides are certified in rescue and wilderness responders, first aid and are bilingual.

Departure is 8:30 am and return is 11 am the next day.

Ask us about staying multiple nights.


Must be in good health.

$159 / person / night

Rappelling $70 / person

Add $30 / person for reservations of 4 people or less



Transportation to and from the base camp at the start is not provided.

Included are 3 meals, snacks, beverages, guides.

Wear light and comfortable clothing, hat, hiking boots or sneakers, insect repellent. Bring a camera, binoculars, flashlight, bathing suit, towel, and change of clothing if desires. Rain gear if needed.

*not all lodgings are serviced

Booking in advance is highly recommended

100% refund if canceled at least 48 hours in advance   

*** If you have a specific tour operator you would like to use please let us know.  We work with all reputable companies and never upcharge. Our services are always free Help support us by allowing us to make this reservation, it will be our pleasure. *** 


$159 / person / night

Rappelling $70 / person

Add $30 / person for reservations of 4 people or less


  • 6 Waterfalls
  • 3km Hike (1.8 miles)
  • 800m Rise (2,600 feet)
  • Private Organic Farm
  • Home Cooking
  • Full Services
  • Sleep Behind A Waterfall
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