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Tortuguero – Turtle tour

The Tortuguero area on the East Coast of Costa Rica in the province of Limon is world-famous as an important nesting location for the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle. This is a fantastic tour for all ages, and it is amazing to witness a process that has been happening for thousands and thousands of years. The […]

Tortuguero – Guided Day or Night Hike

Tortuguero is an incredibly special area in Costa Rica. Wild, remote, and with many water canals that allow for plenty of spectacular wildlife and amazing vegetation. Taking a guided hike is the best way to see the wide array up close. Your naturalist guild will pick you up* and shortly after, your 2-hour tour will […]

Tortuguero – River Float

The remote river system in the Tortuguero area has miles of canals and is home to an amazing array of wildlife from river otters and manatees to crocodiles, ocelots, and many species of birds. The biodiversity of the area is almost overwhelming. Rich in flora and fauna, an abundant amount of water and food sources […]

Tortuguero – Transportation

Shared or Private Suttles is the easiest way to get around Costa Rica, often with door to door service allowing you more vacation time and less travel time. You can be picked up* by a shared fixed-schedule shuttle or have a private shuttle that will be ready on your schedule. Either way, you will arrive […]

Tortuguero – Accommodations

If you are not booking your own hotel in Costa Rica we can help you. Are you tired of the endless options on websites and apps? We can help you. We can find a hotel that fits your travel style and budget. We have a working relationship with hotels all over Costa Rica and can […]

⸮ Don’t See What You Are Looking For?

Don’t see what you are looking for? The Costa Rica Info Center can help you find it, we cover all areas of Costa Rica. Contact us today and we can point you in the right direction. Since 2011 we have been helping clients fulfill their Costa Rica vacation dreams. Our services are always free and […]